L’Abeille Restaurant

The former mansion house of Prince Roland Bonaparte in the Avenue d’Iéna is now a luxury five stars hotel. Since March, 15th it also officially hosts a new very fine gourmet French restaurant gastronomique L’Abeille.

The bee was with the eagle a key emblem of the napoleonic era. Name after this skilled insect the new gastronomic restaurant of the Shangri-La hotel in Paris claims for the same virtues : patience and technical skills are at their best to emphazise the finest products, as the bee would carefully select the most beautiful flowers to make of them the best honey and royal jelly.

Located within the area of the Keppler, L’Abeille is to become shortly an instution for the gourmet dinners.

Would you like to celebrate a special event or would you just like to add another step to your Parisian gourmet experience, you can trust the Executive Chef Philippe Labbé and the manager of the restaurant Christophe Kelsch for the  excellence in quality and service.



L’Abeille Restaurant. 10, Avenue d’Iéna. Paris XVI